King David Consulting LLC


King David Consulting LLC was started as a small-business by a committed couple in the summer of 2014. It is a relatively young company but able to bring value and direction to many non-profit and for profit organizations by giving them technical advice and providing them with technical solutions that best fit their needs.

The company started with one single goal in mind – and that is, to provide the best technology solutions to companies and the Messianic Believing Community because at the heart of King David Consulting LLC, is the love of the Lord Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel and their desire to utilize the latest technologies to assist others to advance His Glorious Kingdom.

In short, they provide the following consulting services:

  • Planning, managing and developing website projects
    • Microsoft Web technologies
    • Google Angular/Android
    • SEO and online marketing
  • Planning, managing and developing publication materials
  • Custom application development and integration of applications

If you are starting a new Congregation or know someone who is, consider allowing them to assist you with your planning phases of the process. Contact us here.