Recent Clients and Projects

Messianic Radio: Open Source Radio Station

Chavah Radio

Project is designed with:

  • Microsoft .NET ASP.NET MVC and WebApi
  • AngularJs

Working version:


Ionic TypeScript Seed Project : Open Source Mobile Application

Angular Hybrid Application Development
Angular Hybrid Application Development

This seed hybrid application is build using IONIC Framework and the following technologies:

  1. AngularJS
  2. TypeScript
  3. Microsoft Cordova TACO extension
  4. Node.JS
  5. Gulp

Coca-Cola Consolidated: .NET Integration Project

Coca Cola Consolidated
Coca Cola Consolidated .NET Integration Project

Integration project for the Charlotte Bottling Coca-Cola Company included design and development of:

  1. C# Console multi-threaded applications
  2. ASP.NET Web Forms migration to ASP.NET MVC Angular Application Point Of Sales Application POS
Architectural design of the WFP Point Of Sale Application

Point Of Sale system that integrates with back-end data provides of prescriptions was re-designed with:

  1. Microsoft Windows Foundation Framework and MVVM pattern
  2. Business logic written with C#
  3. PHP for the administration management of the enterprise installations within large hospitals Kindle Publications

Assisted with converting hard copies of the publications to the digital platform:

Rabbi Akiba's Messiah: The Origins of Rabbinic Authority Messianic Foundations ebook Messianic Discipleship: Following Yeshua, Growing in Messiah Messiah in the Feasts of Israel Messianic Life Lessons from the Book of Jonah Kindle Edition Messianic Life Lessons from the Book of Ruth Kindle Edition