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Messianic Radio - Chava Radio

Project is designed with:

  • Microsoft .NET ASP.NET MVC and WebApi
  • AngularJs

Messianic Radio - Chavah Radio

Fox Networks Group 

  • ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET MVC Core 2.+
  • AngularJs/Angular, Node.js
  • Docker and Orchistration with Kubernetes


Cutting ednge Machine Learning predictive engine for HealthCare industry that provides huge operating costs cuts and competetive edge to the company.

Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated

Since 2010 Coca Cola North America has been selling off the bottling companies to independent bottlers. Coca-Cola Consolidated Co. has become largest bottler in the USA. King David Consulting LLC was employed to assist with data integration project that has been in the works for several years. Here is the highlight of the architectural service provided:

  1. Re-design of C# Console multi-threaded applications to  improve large data loads
  2. Migration of ASP.NET Web Forms Web Application to ASP.NET MVC Angular Application

Emporos Systems Corporation

State of the Art POS Solutions For Better Patient Care.

Architectural consulting services were provided for Point Of Sale (POS) application with the following:

  1. Microsoft Windows Foundation Framework and MVVM pattern
  2. Business logic written with C#
  3. PHP for the administration management of the enterprise installations within large hospitals


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