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Discovering Moses: Fifth Excuse Of Moses

Description: 5th Excuse: Moses’ Unwillingness. This is the 5th and the final objection that Moses provided to God. In a nutshell, this summarizes all of his other excuses up-to-date. Oh Lord, can you send some else because I am not willing to face my past at this time or any other time? Though Moses had a supernatural encounter with God and was given several divine miracles as proof that God is all powerful, the bottom line was he was afraid. Regardless of the miracles, he had experienced and the fact that he had been in the very presence of God, Moses’ feelings of fear overpowered him. Remember, God hadn’t yet assured Moses about his past and about how the last time he left Egypt he was considered to be a fugitive on the run and that now he would be returning to that very place.

Discovering Moses: Fourth Excuse Of Moses

Description: Discovering Moses Fourth Excuse Of Moses – Session 14

Discovering Moses: Third Excuse Of Moses

Description: Moses 3rd Excuse of Unbelief.Then Moses answered, "But behold, they will not believe me or listen to my voice, for they will say, 'The LORD did not appear to you.'" (Exodus 4:1) This statement demonstrates Moses’ heart of unbelief. Moses was focused on self by stating they will not believe him. Was it about Moses? One can understand why Moses would be concerned about the elders not believing him. Forty years earlier when he wanted to be Israel’s deliverer he was rejected. At that time, he was told: “Who made you ruler and judge over us (2:14)?” Therefore, Moses was not only concerned whether Pharaoh would recognize his authority, but whether Israel would.

Discovering Moses: First Excuse of Moses

Description: The context for today’s study is the burning bush experience - when Moses turned aside to see the burning bush and the unusual sight not being burned up. He showed intentionality in his actions when God engaged him in training him in reverence of Him. God commanded that Moses remove the sandals from his feet because where God is the place therein is holy, set apart. The holiness of the place is always attributed to God and His presence - not man’s actions. Moses also hid his face for he was afraid to look at God. Since God has Moses’ full attention, He is going to share with him the game plan for his life and for the life of the children of Israel. This demonstrates to us that God’s calling is always personal. From all of the men of Moses’ generation, God had Moses in mind to be His deliverer. In a like manner, each one of us can fulfill our personal calling that God has in mind for us.

Discovering Moses: Burning Bush

Description: What do we pursue in our lives? Men, what catches our fancy? Motivates our hearts? Is it earning that little bit more that keeps us from quality time with our spouse? Our kids? Are we hoping to find our security in what we do rather than in who we are in the Lord? Are we like Moses, choosing to refuse to indulge in the fleeting pleasures of this world and suffer instead for Messiah’s sake? Moses’ choice to abandon the wealth and the pleasures in front of him for the sake of God’s calling is a stark contrast to the “name it- claim it” theology of today!