Powerful Windows Based Bible Study Tool


Android based version of e-Sword


Web base site that is like e-sword


Bible Study Tools

Desktop Applications


It’s the iconic, barebones free Bible study tool. The e-Sword app lets you search and compare various Bible translations, plus some quick original-language lookups (using Strong’s numbers). It’s well past 25 million downloads.


  • MySword  - With MySword, you can study the Bible without banner ads, compare different translations, look up Strong's Hebrew and Greek Lexicon, read popular commentaries and even write your own insights and study notes directly on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Scripture Typer - Scripture Typer is the fastest way to memorize and organize your favorite Bible memory verses. Anyone can quickly memorize Bible verses in 3 easy steps! With Scripture Typer, you'll memorize by actively engaging three separate cognitive areas: Audio, Visual & Touch memory.


Web Bibles

  • BibleWebApp - This sleek Web app lets you read Bibles, commentaries, and even Greek and Hebrew texts side-by-side. It’s free to access, and its search result graphics are a delightful treat for talmidim (disciples).


  • StudyBible.info - an excellent online Bible tool like e-Sword for the desktop applications.
  • Historytimeline.org - Generic Outline of History according to "Church Histrians"