2016 Monroe Men’s Bible Study

2016 Monroe Men’s Bible Study

Last year a small group of men began a spiritual journey together in a small neighborhood in Monroe, NC. 2015 took us on our faith journey covering the study of the first book of the Bible: Genesis. We took our time learning about the deeds of Abraham as a result of his deep-rooted faith and belief in the God of Israel. We used Dan Gruber’s book, The Children of Abraham: A Course on Commitment, along with the Scriptures as our guide. We had a wonderful time of sharing and growth each gathering, pairing up as prayer partners for further encouragement midweek. We met every other Monday, as this seemed to work well for everyone, giving plenty of time for homework assignments and studies.

Discovering Moses Series

For 2016, we will be studying the 2nd book of the Bible and a man whom God developed to be a great leader of Israel: Moses. We are not going to use any additional materials but rather we will focus on the Scriptures themselves.

If you do a simple word search for Moses’ name you will discover that there are 852 times that his name is mentioned throughout the Scriptures. I would say it is safe to assume that he is a pretty important figure as far as our faith is concerned and therefore very important for us to study. Our kick off session will take place on January 18th, 2016.

Outline of the Study

Session 1 - Intro to the method of this study: God’s Leadership Manual

Session 2 - Understand the context of the text

Session 3 - Setting for the Book of Exodus: God's promises to Abraham's descendants

Session 4 - Jacob's family in Egypt

Session 5 - Pharaoh's plan to oppress the children of Israel

Session 6 - Pharaoh's plan to destroy the children of Israel: The Stage is set for Moses to be born

Session 7 - Preparation of Moses thru his family:  The Rescue of the Deliver from death

Session 8 - Preparation of Moses thru the Failure

Session 9 - From Wealth to Wasteland Session

Session10 - Moses at the Burning Bush

Session 11 - God’s Heart of Compassion and First Excuse Of Moses 

Session 13 - Third Excuse Of Moses


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